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BYEASY Surface Pro 9 Hub - 6-in-1 USB-C & Ethernet Dock Adapter (UC-606) FAQ

Is this USB Hub compatible with other Surface models or devices? +

It's specifically designed for the Surface Pro 9 and may not be compatible with other Surface models or devices.

Can I use the USB Hub for charging my Surface Pro 9? +

Yes, it includes a Type C PD Fast charging port that supports up to 100W quick charging.

Does the USB Hub support 4K video output at 60Hz? +

Yes, it supports 4K@60Hz HDMI display, suitable for high-resolution presentations and entertainment.

Do I need to install any drivers to use this hub? +

No, it is a plug-and-play device that requires no additional drivers or software.

Can I connect external hard drives and other USB devices? +

Yes, the USB 3.1 ports allow you to connect smartphones, tablets, external hard drives, and other USB devices.

Can I connect multiple devices simultaneously? +

Yes, the dock allows you to connect various devices like a keyboard, thumb drive, and others, while transferring data and charging your device simultaneously.
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